Flooded Roads from Duluth to Mankato

“My peers around the state are dealing with high-water."

Edgar Linares
June 29, 2018 - 9:11 pm

By Edgar Linares


Road crews are dealing with flooded roads due our recent rainstorms.

“My peers around the state are dealing with high-water and lots of water from Duluth all the way down to the Twin Cities and out to Sioux Falls,” said Jed Falgren, MnDOT Maintenance-Engineer for District 7.

In Henderson, three of the four roads in and out of town are closed because of flooding.

A flood wall stacked with sand bags is keeping the town dry, unlike in 2014, when the ground was saturated with water.

“We were hit very heavily in 2014 with a lot of mudslides and in fact this highway, 93 we’re standing on, it took several weeks after the water receded before we could repair the damage, and unfortunately highway 19 took several months,” Falgren said.

By Edgar Linares

Falgren has been dealing with flooded roads for the last two weeks, and now all that water has filled the Minnesota River from New Ulm to Henderson.

In District 7, the roads that are flooded are the following:

Highway 93 (From Hwy 169 to Henderson)

Highway 93 (From Hwy 169 to Le Sueur)

Highway 19 (From Henderson and Hwy 169)

Highway 4 (Near Sherburn)

In the metro area, the roads that are flooded/impacted are the following:

Highway 41 (Near Chaska)

Interstate 35W NB (At Minnesota River crews built a dike)

The water in District 7 was starting to recede, but there is more rain in the forecast.

"We do have an anticipated one inch-plus of rainfall in south central Minnesota,” said Falgren. “Are hope is that most of the water that’s here will get moved on downstream before that water shows up. But it will certainly have an effect of prolonging the crest, which unfortunately could lead to some additional damage of the roadways.”

By Edgar Linares

MinDOT is also telling drivers not to drive through flooded streets, and stick to detours.