The "Flyover Bridge" Revamp Begins

This part of 35W project will take three years to finish

Al Schoch
May 18, 2018 - 6:24 am

MnDOT is happy about it. Drivers? Not so much.

After much delay, crews Friday night start the total rebuilding of the so-called "flyover bridge" between 35W north to 94 westbound. 

It's southeast of the Minneapolis Convention Center and just north of where the old Franklin Avenue bridge stood, until that span was taken down last year. It "flys over" the offramp from 35W into downtown, and takes commuters from south Minneapolis to the north side of town, and beyond.

But not this weekend. Or any weekend any time soon.

"We're going to be rebuilding it," said MnDOT's metro spokesman Dave Aeikens.

When finished, the flyover bridge will be a left-lane on-ramp, creating what MnDOT says will be smoother traffic flow.

"Say about 80 percent of the cars that go over that bridge want to keep going," said Aeikens. "So, instead of weaving in and out of the traffic with Hennepin and Lyndale, they'll just have their own lane and go right through the Lowry Tunnel."

MnDOT is recommending detours to avoid the construction.

This is all part of the massive $239 million reconstruction of 35W from the crosstown north and 94 through downtown Minneapolis. 

The entire project is expected to take four years to complete over five phases.