Former Vice President Al Gore to Donald Trump: Resign

"I think that he's in bed with the fossil fuel companies."

Hey, it's Cory Hepola
August 05, 2019 - 10:49 am

You might imagine that former Vice President Al Gore would have a lot to say to President Donald Trump, but as Gore told 830 WCCO host Cory Hepola in a one-on-one interview on Friday, his advice to the current occupant of the White House could be summarized in one word. 

“Resign. I'm not sure he would take my advice. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't but that's really the only thing I would have to say to him,” Gore said. 

Gore, who was in Minneapolis last week for a leadership training organized by The Climate Reality Project, has been consistent on this advice to Trump, saying similar things in 2017 and again last year

His reasoning, as he explained to Hepola, has more to do with Trump’s environmental stances than with any recent scandals. 

"I'm respectful for anyone, to anyone who's President. And I did engage in conversations with him after the election and continuing when he was in the White House. And I thought there was a chance he would listen and change, but I was wrong. And I think that he's in bed with the fossil fuel companies to the point where he does whatever they want him to do." 

In the same interview, Gore told Hepola why he sees reasons for optimism in Minnesota on confronting the climate crisis.

Listen to his full interview with Hepola here: 



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