Four wounded by knife at New Hope Bar

Similar incident occured in 2014 at the same bar

Edgar Linares
December 08, 2018 - 5:29 pm
Police Sirens



Four people are recovering after police say they were wounded with a knife at a New Hope Bar early Saturday morning.

New Hope Police were called out around 1 AM to Outtakes Bar & Grill at 2749 Winnetka Ave on a report of fight.

“Our officers found four people with knife wounds of varying severity,” said Capt. Scott Slawson with the New Hope Police Department. “None of them were life threatening. The four people were taken to North Memorial where they were cared for.”

Capt. Slawson says a fight between two people escalated and one of the men pulled out a knife. Officers confirmed a bartender and another person were wounded in the stomach, another in the hand and another received a wound to their ear.

No arrest have been made, but police say they have identified most of the people involved.

“This is one of only a couple drinking establishments in New Hope that are open late. Therefore we do get the late night, occasional calls that you would assume would come from a bar that’s open like this,” said Slawson.

It was at the same bar in June of 2014 where John Hillstrom, 36, of Crystal was punched, he hit his head on the pavement and later died. One man was charged with aiding and abetting unintentional second degree murder, and another man plead guilty to manslaughter.