All day, all night... Friday is special session for Minnesota legislature

Deadline to approve budget deal is Saturday morning

May 24, 2019 - 5:54 am

Gov. Walz set all day Friday for a special session, giving Minnesota lawmakers nearly 24 hours to approve a budget compromise that goes into effect on July 1.

The special session, the fifth for budget work since 2009, has a 7:00 a.m. Saturday deadline, set by the governor and legislative leaders.

This comes after Gov. Walz, House Speaker Melissa Hortman, and Senate Republican leader Paul Gazelka announced on Sunday a compromise on a $48 million spending plan.

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The budget compromise was revealed a day before the state-mandated adjournment date for the regular session of the Minnesota legislature.

The deal includes a continuation of a health care provider tax while eliminating a gas tax hike, two controversial items that threatened a major legislative confrontation that could have led to a government shutdown.

Among the other controversial items not included in the budget compromise include a gay conversion therapy ban and an emergency insulin supply bill.


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