General Mills CEO details response to Minneapolis unrest -- donations, pop-up food pantries, more

“The true challenge before us can’t be solved by writing checks and walking away,” Hammering said. 

WCCO Radio Newsroom
June 05, 2020 - 9:20 am

    General Mills CEO Jeff Harmening published an essay on LinkedIn today discussing the company’s next steps in responding to recent unrest, systematic injustice and racism.

    Hammering’s essay describes General Mills’ five initial steps: relief, recovery, convening, partnering and voicing. Concrete actions from this plan include donations to families most impacted by destruction from looting and violence, building pop-up food pantries, helping businesses that were damaged or destroyed, encouraging other corporations to join in attacking systemic injustice and racism and supporting legislative action. 


    "We have mobilized a donation to those families most directly impacted by the destruction in the Twin Cities. We are providing access to food and household supplies. And we are working to create pop-up food pantries to bring nourishment and stability," Harmening wrote.

    RECOVERY: We are helping with the recovery, joining with other foundations and companies to help the many neighborhood businesses that were damaged or destroyed.

    CONVENING: We are also exploring ways to help convene courageous conversations throughout our community and our country. Because

    Hammering cited General Mills' track record in creating a more diverse and inclusive culture to demonstrate his high expectations from the company moving forward. “Our belief in being a force for good compels us to act,” Hammering said.

    Hammering said he recognizes there are no easy solutions to solving systematic injustice and racism, and that he knows the magnitude of the challenge ahead of him. “The true challenge before us can’t be solved by writing checks and walking away,” Hammering said. 

    Hammering noted that while civil unrest and protests began in Minneapolis, it spread to other cities across the globe, saying, “It’s not just one community’s problem.”

     “Collectively we know it’s not just about what you say, but about what you do,” Hammering said.


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