Jeff Johnson calls TPaw's new ad 'brutal, nasty and false'

"It's just a brutal, nasty and false attack ad"

Susie Jones
July 12, 2018 - 12:11 pm

GOP endorsed gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson is reacting to the first television advertisements for Tim Pawlenty.

"It's just a brutal, nasty and false attack ad," Johnson told WCCO Radio's Blois Olson. 

Johnson said he believes the ad indicates that Pawlenty is afraid of losing the primary and is using negative tactics to gain ground.  He called it an outdated strategy. 

"It's a Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton strategy that is based on entitlement.  And I don't have to work for this. I'm not going to engage voters. Let's just rely on name recognition and get as many people to give me max out contributions as possible. It doesn't work."

Pawlenty campaign spokesman Sam Winter responded, saying: "The television ad released today by the Pawlenty for Governor campaign provides Republican primary voters with the truth about Jeff Johnson’s record after months of negative campaigning by Johnson and his surrogates."

Listen to the full interview with Jeff Johnson here: