GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson welcomes Trump's endorsement

"This is great"

Susie Jones
August 15, 2018 - 3:13 pm

Two GOP winners in last night's primary got endorsed on Twitter by President Trump.

In the hotly-contested 8th congressional district, Trump said of Pete Stauber that, "as a big star in hockey, he will be an even bigger star in politics." Trump and Vice President Pence campaigned for Stauber in Duluth. Stauber is facing democratic Joe Radinovich.

The GOP's candidate for governor Jeff Johnson also got a congratulatory tweet from the president, thanking him for the support that Johnson has shown and predicting that he will win in November over Democrat Tim Walz."This is great," said Johnson to reporters at the State Office building Wednesday. "Someone asked me last night, how are you going to pivot away from your support now to the general election? And my answer to that is I think that's what people hate the most about politics, is that you go from one election to the next and try to change your position."

Johnson has said from the start that he supports the President and that Trump is trying to take the country in the right direction, "It doesn't mean we won't have differences, and when we do I will point them out," he said.

Some political insiders believe this election will be a referendum on Trump, "I don't believe it will," Johnson said."There are going to be some people who will vote based on that, and I'll win some of those and lose some of those."

He said he thinks most Minnesotans will not pick either him or Walz based on what they think of Donald Trump.

He and Minnesota Republican party leaders welcome another visit,"I would take him back ten times if we could get him between now and November 6, but we know that's not realistic," said Jennifer Carnahan, chair of the state GOP party.

Democratic leaders also weighed in on the Trump tweet.

DFL Chairman Ken Martin said in a press release that you can, "tell a lot about a person by who they stand with."