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Governor Dayton Calls Lack of Gun Control Measures in Republican Bill a "Serious Omission"

"I don't expect there is going to be anything there."

May 18, 2018 - 4:14 pm

In the wake of today's school shooting in Texas, Governor Dayton says he wants a school safety bill passed by the legislature and on his desk as soon as possible.  Republicans are proposing a $50-million dollar plan to improve school security. The measure does not contain any proposals about gun safety, something that disappoints Dayton.

"It doesn't include universal background checks, which 90 percent of Minnesotans support. It's one thing to prevent someone from getting into the school, which is vitally important, it's another to prevent them from getting their hands on a gun when they shouldn't have it. I don't expect there is going to be anything there, that's going to be a serious omission," he said in a press conference Friday. 

On the Chad Hartman show today, Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt's had a different take, saying that the focus should be on school safety and mental health. We are working on school safety legislation, making our schools safer, and giving our schools the resources," he said.

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