Dayton disappointed in his health, happy with budget surplus

“They show a remarkable recovery in the financial shambles in which I took office eight years ago.”

Edgar Linares
December 06, 2018 - 7:48 pm

By Edgar Linares


After news broke of Minnesota’s $1.5 billion budget surplus, Governor Mark Dayton held a news conference, the first in weeks since his complications arose from his back surgery. He praised the numbers showing Minnesota once again in the black.

“They show a remarkable recovery in the financial shambles in which I took office eight years ago,” said Dayton. “The November 2010 forecast projected a state budget deficit of $6.2 billion for the next two fiscal years.”

Dayton credited Minnesota employers for the budget turnaround who added 318,000 jobs in the last eight years. He was then asked how he was feeling being back in office, while he recovers.

“I’m better. I still have a ways to go to recover from the complications caused by wind in my lungs, my lungs have improved but they’re still not nearly what they were before. How long that’s going to take, whether it will be a permanent recovery, remains to be seen,” said Gov. Dayton.

He told reporters it’s not the way he wished to go out as governor and called it a big disappointment. Originally, he planned to travel around the state on a farewell-like tour, seeing projects around the state and the people who made them possible.

“Instead I’ve been mired in an oxygen tank,” said Dayton.

As for his future plans, he said he is not sure. The Governor said he hopes to work with kids and joked about taking a job as a hall monitor in an elementary school.

“Hi five all the kids as they go by, I find that really inspiring. I respect what Justice [Alan] Page has done with his third grade reading and it’s real hands on, maybe not full time, I just want to stay connected with the future of this country,” said Dayton.

Gov. Dayton championed all-day kindergarten and his Pre-K education programs during his time office.

The Governor will be moving out of the Mansion on St. Paul’s Summit Avenue on January 8, of next year and said his dogs are hoping for an extension. For now, he’s renting an apartment in Minneapolis, paying rent month to month as he figures out what he “wants to do with the rest of his life” and where he wants to live in “the lakes.”