Tim Walz: 'It's just not the right way to go about things'

MN's Governor-Elect thinks the legislative maneuvering in Wisconsin fails to honor the wishes of voters

Paul and Jordana
December 05, 2018 - 5:16 pm

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The Wisconsin legislature has passed laws limiting the power of the Governor and Attorney General – two offices recently won by Democratic candidates. Next year will mark the first time in a decade that Republicans will share power, and they seem to want to limit how much they share.

Minnesota Governor-Elect Tim Walz says he doesn’t forsee this ever happening in Minnesota

“It’s just not the right way to go about things,” Walz told Paul and Jordana, “Elections happen and there are consequences from elections. You’ve been on the winning side at times and the losing side. But the idea of changing the rules now just because you have a new Governor-Elect certainly doesn’t seem to be honoring the wishes of the voters.”

Accusations of Republican gerrymandering in Wisconsin have been tied into this controversy. Minnesota may soon be facing congressional redistricting and the Governor-Elect is adamant about making sure that’s a fair process

“I’m more committed to it now as Governor-Elect,” said Walz, “That sacred responsibility to make sure the democracy is fair. Someone asked me what I learned being in Congress, I said first of all, don’t say it can’t get worse. But what I really learned is that if you really want to fix that system, there’s two fundamental changes you can make and that is non-partisan citizen or judicial redistricting and campaign finance reform. And that would make sure that we’re not having politicians pick their constituents.”

Hear the entire wide-ranging interview where they talked about the budget, a potential raise in the gas tax, and legalizing recreational marijuana:




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