Governor Walz hosts discussion on the high cost of insulin

Susie Jones
June 12, 2019 - 5:48 pm

The high cost of insulin was the topic of a roundtable discussion at the Office of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on Wednesday. 

The Governor invited insulin advocates and others to talk about what to do about it. 

A bi-partisan bill that would have set up an emergency fund to help those who can't pay for the drug did not make it into the budget this session. 

Walz says he is willing to call a special session for a vote on that one piece of legislation if legislative leaders can agree to terms.

Marcia Meyer is a nurse and an educator. 

She shared a story about a young woman who went to the pharmacy and didn't have enough money to pay for her insulin. 

The pharmacist couldn't help, but said; 

"I do know that there is a pawn shop across the street, so maybe you should go home and get stuff to sell to pay for your medication, " she said.

Meyer says the woman did just that.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka issued a statement after the discussion: 

“As I said on the last night of special session, we are going to keep working on insulin to make sure we have a solution that fits the problem. The proposed ideas need to be hammered out to earn the support of legislators, patients, advocates, doctors, and pharmacists. The legislative process worked effectively to pass regulations on pharmaceutical benefit managers to lower prices on ALL prescription drugs, and we agreed that health insurance companies would not make a profit on insulin. Minnesota will get this right by working together, not by using insulin access as a divisive political tool.”


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