Harteau says body-cam footage of police shooting should be released

Former chief the more information people have the better

Adam Carter
June 25, 2018 - 2:45 pm

Stephen Maturen / Stringer / Getty Images


Among the people who'd like to see the body cam footage from the officers involved in Saturday's shooting is former Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau.

"I'd love to see the camera footage out, since we have it. The BCA can get out as much information as they can so that people can deal with facts, and they can come up with solutions moving forward," Harteau told WCCO Radio. 

The body-cam footage is part of the investigation being undertaken by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and that agency says under Minnesota law it can't discuss open investigation. Harteau, who joined WCCO's Chad Hartman Monday, says she believes exceptions could be made if it's in the best interest public safety.

"I think there is always consideration, even within that law, that looks at 'what's in the best interest of public safety.' There are other cities across this country who are seeing that and understanding that it's most important to get that information out there."

Harteau says good or bad, the evidence captured on the the body-cameras won't change, but delaying access to that information just adds to tension and mistrust.

"Bad news doesn't get better, and good news can only help," Harteau said.

A fallout from a police shooting last summer led to Harteau's departure from the Minneapolis Police Department. Harteau was criticized for her handling of the shooting and killing of Justine Damond. In that case, there was no footage from the body cameras of the two officers involved because they had not activated the cameras.