Hennepin County Sheriff race officially over

Stanek decides against recount in loss to challenger

Steve Simpson
November 21, 2018 - 6:55 am

Photo courtesy of David Hutchinson for Hennepin County Sheriff


The race for Hennepin County Sheriff is officially over.

A deadline passed Tuesday night for current sheriff Rich Stanek to ask for a manual recount of the race that he lost to challenger Dave Hutchinson by just over 2300 votes.

The margin was not slim enough to trigger an automatic recount, so Stanek would have been responsible for the $95,000 pricetag to have the votes retallied.

Stanek has been Sheriff for the last 12 years, while Hutchinson or "Hutch" as he's known, is a sergeant with Metro Transit Police.

He plans to announce his transition team on Wednesday. 

Hutch was considered a big underdog in the race against Stanek. His unexpected success was in part driven by younger voters, many of whom were primarily motivated by one highly partisan issue: immigration.

As is evident on Twitter, young progressives in Minneapolis flocked to Hutch’s campaign. Many were angered by Stanek's support for President Trump, what they saw as his department’s overly cooperative approach toward Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and his decision to send deputies to Standing Rock to help clear the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in 2017.

"We can't have anybody, immigrant, documented or undocumented, to be scared to file a report with the police," Hutch said."We can't have that or else we can't do our jobs as public safety officials."