Housley says DFL response to Ellison allegations shows hypocrisy

Housley also says on WCCO she'll continue to support Trump

Sloane Martin
August 17, 2018 - 11:48 am

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Republican state senator Karin Housley is facing off against former Minnesota lieutenant governor Tina Smith to fill Al Franken's remaining term at the capitol.

It's a historic matchup. For the first time in Minnesota history, a U.S. senate race features two women.

Housley tells WCCO's Mike Max that it's a significant feat, but must be followed by action.

"I think it matters to be role models for other women," she said. I'm extremely honored, but there's also some responsibility with it and I have to do a good job at it and I think it's great that we have broken through that glass ceiling. I think we have a record number of women running."

Housley, who authored the senate's anti-sexual harassment bill last legislative session, also weighed in on the abuse allegation brought against DFL state attorney general candidate Rep. Keith Ellison. She said members of the party need to renounce their support for him.

"I'm very disappointed in the Democrat party that they have not come out and said anything on this," she said. "If it was somebody on our side, I think they would be all over it. Everybody's gone underground including Tina Smith. It shows the hypocrisy. She says she's in D.C. supporting women yet she hasn't done anything to address this issue."

DFL party leaders addressed the allegation that he dragged former girlfriend Karen Monahan off a bed by her feet. They said he needs to address questions head-on, but did not call for him to set aside. Ellison, who strongly denies the incident, said Friday that no DFL member has requested he step down.

Housley also said she will welcome any campaign support from President Trump.

"I will continue to support the president's policies and help to continue the economic growth that we're seeing in Minnesota," she said.