Income Share Agreements could be the new way to fund college education

Is an ISA the best choice for incoming college students?

Hey, it's Cory Hepola
January 23, 2019 - 1:47 pm

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Income Share Agreements (ISAs) aren't common yet in Minnesota but they could become a great way to finance a college education.

Financial expert John Kvasnik joined Cory Hepola to discuss the idea, which involves agreeing to set aside a small percentage of your income after college to pay back a loan.

Kvasnik said it could be a option for those who want to, "Go into fields of study and professions that they normally might not think of as being financially lucrative."

Could an ISA be used for more than just funding education? Kvasnik said he sees it a possibly a great tool beyond just college.

"I think the model is awesome and it might really be a creative way to finance other things our children and our families need," Kvasnik said.

Get more details by listening to the full interview:

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