Interview with State Sen. Karin Housley gets 'spirited' when topic turns toward immigration

She discussed Wednesdays Duluth rally and her campaign with John Hines

Dan Cook
June 21, 2018 - 1:28 pm

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State Senator Karin Housley joined John Hines to discuss getting a shout out from President Trump at Wednesday night’s rally in Duluth, and her campaign for US Senate.

Housley began by discussing the positive energy she felt at Amsoil Arena.

“That was a lot of fun just to see the excitement in Amsoil Arena and the excitement across Minnesota,” said Housley, “Those people in the arena weren’t just from the Eighth District and Duluth area, they were from all over the state of Minnesota. So it was a real campaign boost for me, but it was just fun to see all of the excitement for the movement that’s happening in this country and this state.”

Things got a little spirited when the discussion turned to her campaign for Senate. When Hines asked the State Senator whether she’d vote yes or no on a border wall she said, “Well between you and Chad Hartman you have like one question on your notebook there.”

To which Hines responded, “Well you answer it and then we won’t have ask it again.”

“You know, we have to secure our borders,” Housley responded, “Both sets of grandparents in my family, my grandfather came from Yugoslavia and my other one came from Norway. And they came here legally and we knew who they were. And I think the people in Minnesota and the United States deserve to know who’s here and feel safe. So I think we really do have to secure our borders, know who’s here and then get them in here. Absolutely we want to open our doors to immigrants, but we just need to know who they are. And I think that’s a fair thing to ask.”

“And I’m not sure if it’s exactly financing a wall, if that’s the absolute solution,” Housley continued, “And again, I’m not there, so it’s hypothetical. But I’m definitely for funding securing the border. That’s the most important thing.” 

John then opened the floor for Sen. Housely to pick the topic.

“What is the key part of your campaign here,” Hines asked, “What is the main thing, the main issue that you’d like to be talking about?”

“I think the main issue is that I’m running for the seat that was vacated by Al Franken who was a huge disappointment to those of us here in Minnesota, his representation in Washington D.C.,” said Housely, “And I think going across the state and just listening to the people, how excited they are about the jobs that have been created; unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 18 years. President Trump said last night that this is the lowest unemployment for women in 65 years. So I think continuing to push those policies that are going to create jobs and keep our economy moving, as opposed to Tina Smith who’s just been an obstructionist her whole time in Washington D.C. So the people of Minnesota deserve to have a new voice in Washington DC who’s going to help keep the economy growing.”

Listen to their entire interview: