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Former Israeli Advisor: 'I think that having a wall is a reasonable thing.'

Rani Levy describes the differences and similiarities between the wall in Israel and what's proposed in the US

January 10, 2019 - 6:25 pm

Roni Levy was an advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He’s familiar with the border wall in Israel and told Paul and Jordana about its purpose, efficacy and comparability to a border wall in the United States.

“The wall is in Judea and Samaria and it is a result of what we often call the Oslo Agreements that were signed in 1993,” said Levy, “It’s not always a wall. In some cases it’s a fence, in some cases it’s an actual wall. It’s similar to having an alarm system in your house. Is that going to guarantee that no one will ever break into your house? Obviously not.

“It’s a concrete wall, about 12 feet high and about 10 inches thick and it goes also about two feet into the ground to make it harder to dig and for engineering purposes.”

The contexts of the wall in Israel and one in America are slightly different, however.

“Here you have a situation with immigration,” Levy said, “Over there it was a situation with preventing terrorism.”

Levy thinks the debate over a wall in America is unnecessarily antagonistic.

“I hear the heated debate in America about the wall and my impression is that people are viewing it as a humanitarian problem,” Levy told Paul and Jordana, “Mexico is not an enemy country to America. We have to remember that. In Israel we do have a very vicious enemy and we had to make sure that the Palestinians could no longer commit suicide bombings throughout Israel. And the wall contributed to that.”

Levy believes a wall could be part – but only a part - of a holistic approach to immigration reform.

 “I don’t think that President Trump believes that just the wall by itself is going to solve the problem period’” said Levy, “It can help support minimizing immigration here just like it has helped minimize terrorism in Israel. But you cannot rely on the wall alone to do the job for you.”

“At the end of the day the border authorities along the border with Mexico will have to also consider many other apparatuses – electronic, intelligence and checkpoints.”

In the final analysis, Levy believes the wall would be helpful.

“If the order is to stop illegal immigration from Mexico at all costs, then it has to be done at all costs,” he said, “I think that having a wall as part of that order is a reasonable thing.”

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