Jeff Johnson takes shot at Tim Walz over healthcare

Susie Jones
October 09, 2018 - 2:13 pm

Jeff Johnson told Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News that Minnesotans who pay for a portion or all of their health insurance need relief.

"They are just getting killed by premiums. We saw a reprieve this year because of what the legislature did with re-insurance, but that's not sustainable. We have to do something different."

Johnson is critical of the Minnesota Care buy-in proposal by Democratic opponent Tim Walz, saying the plan will be devastating to rural hospitals in particular.

The DFL released a statement on Johnson's criticism of Walz, saying Johnson is reverting back to his old habit of negative campaigning to cover for the fact that his debunked health care plan would hurt thousands of Minnesotans.

Walz also issued a statement:

“I live in Greater Minnesota, and ensuring our communities have access to affordable, quality health care would be my top priority as governor. Jeff Johnson can’t run on his own health care plan, so he resorts to mischaracterizing mine. We all know there are major challenges to improving our health care system. Fixing it will take a leader who brings people together and doesn't back down when the going gets tough."

The two will debate live on WCCO Radio starting at 7 pm Tuesday night in Wilmar. 

The interview with Johnson is below: