Jeff Johnson on TPaw: 'He's running the textbook campaign from 20 years ago'

It's getting hot in here

The Chad Hartman Show
June 05, 2018 - 5:44 pm

Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota governor Jeff Johnson responded to Tim Pawlenty's claim that he is "thrashing about," (see that interview here) and that he's not in a position to either the primary or general election.

"That's 'Politics 101' and he's running the textbook campaign from 20 years ago, which is, if you think you're ahead, just dismiss your opponent, don't engage in any back and forth, don't engage in issue discussions, and then poll-test everything and have your 10 talking points, and that's all you ever talk about," he told WCCO Radio’s Chad Hartman.

He also explained why he issued the call for Pawlenty to get out of the race, knowing full well it wouldn't happen.

"Honestly, if nothing else, it's to get the message out there that we came out of this convention more united and enthused as Republicans than I have ever seen, including by the way in 2002, when I stayed up all night to help Tim get endorsed."

Listen to the full interview here: