Twins owner Jim Pohlad on baseball in 2020: 'I’m not positive one way or the other'

The Morning News with Dave Lee
June 16, 2020 - 10:33 am

With the fate of the 2020 baseball season still up in the air, the owner of the Twins is holding out hope that somehow, some way, all sides will come together to bring the players back to the field.

“We have a weekly call with all 30 clubs, and that was yesterday,” said Jim Pohlad on Tuesday during the WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee. “I think they’re hopeful that there will be further dialogue.”

When that happens, or if that happens, is anybody’s guess.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said during the draft last week that he was 100% confident that there would be a 2020 baseball season. After the owners submitted a proposal late last week that wasn't agreeable to the union, MLBPA issued a statement telling owners "where and when to show up" to play. On Monday during an ESPN interview, Commissioner Manfred walked back his 100% remark to saying that he couldn't promise a season would happen in 2020. 

“I’m not positive one way or the other whether that’s going on right now,” he said, acknowledging that talks between the players and teams have not gone well for either side. “I think that they need to get together.”

What Pohlad is positive about is that Target Field is ready to go no matter how many games will be played, if they’re played at all.

“It’s been a difficult time for everybody, and baseball is not the most important thing,” Pohlad said. “What matters is trying to get as many games as possible in there, but not run into health concerns if the virus were to rebound significantly in the fall. You just don’t want that to happen, you don’t want to start and stop.”

Pohlad himself is not directly involved in the negotiations, in which the players’ union is requesting information on revenue streams that include money from regional sports networks.

“I’m not sure those things would help (relieve) the mistrust that’s developed between the players’ union and the teams,” he said

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