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John Hines to end his daily show after 40+ years in radio

Hines to continue part-time with WCCO following retirement

June 29, 2018 - 2:35 pm

By: Lindsey Peterson, WCCO Program Director

At an internal meeting at WCCO yesterday, I shared the news with our staff that John Hines has decided to step away from his daily show at the end of the summer following the State Fair.  For some of us, that meant tears, but this should be a time to celebrate an amazing career in broadcasting.  

John informed us several weeks ago that the time has come for a 'retirement' of sorts.  I say of sorts, because you'll still be hearing John on WCCO Radio for the immediate future.  Just not form 9:00-Noon daily, a show he has been on since 2012.  John also did an evening show on WCCO from 2009-2012.

Hines was, and is, one of the Twin Cities best-known personalities and a mainstay on radio and TV.  Previously, Hines hosted shows on WWTC, KSTP-AM, KSTP-TV, WLOL, and K102.  His partnerships with Charlie Bush and Bob Berglund made him one of the most listened to radio stars in the Twin Cities.  

It was really 99 1/2 WLOL that made John a star.  His partnersip with "Bergie" helped take that morning show to #1 in the market.  It's where I remember listening to Hines as a kid. 

I love to tell this story (even if John doesn't).  The first concert I saw was when I was in 4th grade, at the Metrodome.  It was through school and thousands of kids showed up to support a "Smoke Free Generation".  The bands were The Jets (yes, "I Got a Crush on You"), and Limited Warranty.  The host that day was a very energetic John Hines.  In his flourescent pink WLOL tank top and short shorts.  The perfect host for all of us that would make WLOL 'must-listen' radio, all the way from the "top, top, top of the IDS"!

When John came to WCCO Radio, it was to handle evenings after Mike Max, and to be the utility man, filling-in for all our daytime shows when hosts were on vacation.  Then, in 2012, some changes led to Hines taking the reins of 9:00-Noon temporarily while a search began for a new host.  It didn't take long for us to see he was perfect for that time slot.  He created a terrific partnership with Dave Lee, and their "Extra Innings" segment has become a listener favorite.  John started filling-in for Dave on the morning show, and will continue to do so even after he hangs it up.   

John’s time on-air included being the first non-journalist embedded with soldiers in Iraq, something John is immensely proud of, and countless hours dedicated to charitable causes.  John was a 2017 inductee into the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame, an honor that is more than deserved.      

“I am thankful to the many listeners who have supported me over the years and to WCCO in allowing me the opportunity to extend my career these past years. I am also pleased that WCCO has invited me to stay on in a part-time/fill in capacity,” John told us.  

Our SVP, Market Manager Shannon Knoepke also added, “John is a Twin Cities radio institution and legend.  He’s made tremendous contributions to WCCO and broadcasting in the Twin Cities.  While we’ll miss seeing him on a daily basis, we’re glad that he has agreed to stay on as a part time and fill-in talent for WCCO.”

If there's one thing we'll miss about having John here each day, it's the stories.  This is a man who "lived" life.   

We'll begin searching for a brand-new show that will run 9:00-Noon on 'CCO, but today we wanted to say thank you to John.  A tremendous talent we were fortunate enough to work with over the last decade.  More important than that, John Hines is a tremendous person and a friend, and it's with gratitude that we send him off into his next chapter.  We hope you'll enjoy the rest of his shows this summer, and make sure to stop by and say thanks to John at this year's State Fair.  

Hubba, hubba zoot zoot John!