Jordana Green says "hate makes love stronger" in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

WCCO afternoon drive host describes her experience of being at Temple and learning of the tragedy

Paul and Jordana
October 29, 2018 - 4:30 pm

Jordana Green told the compelling story of learning about the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting as she and her family took part in Temple services on Saturday.

“I got into my car to get my baby from Bat Mitzvah training and bring her back to the shul where Marc and I were finishing services for a kiddush lunch,” Jordana said, “And I read a new text from my friend who couldn’t come with me to synagogue.  ‘Did you hear about Pittsburgh?  Don’t go to temple.’  I turned on the radio and the horror of the tragedy poured out.”

 A series of scary thoughts and images flashed through her head.

” I found myself thinking ‘I wonder what part of the service they were in when they were murdered?  Were they chanting the Shema, the last words you are supposed to say or hear before you leave this earth when you are dying,” said Jordana, “Were they in the middle of the silent Amidah, when we can connect personally with God and if so I wonder what they were praying for?  Or maybe it was it during the Torah service when our holy book is out, and did the carefully crafted sacred scrolls get splattered with blood?  I hope I never get the answers to these questions.”

Green believes that while anti-Semitism is real and very much at the heart of the shooting in Pittsburgh, this kind of violence impacts us all.

“Is Pittsburgh different because I’m Jewish and these were Jews? No,” she said, “My pain is your pain and yours is mine.”

Jordana didn’t claim to have the solution, but believes that this kind of evil is ultimately self-defeating.

“While I don’t have the answers about how to explain or stop hate,” said Green, “I do know that hate makes love stronger.”

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