Keith Ellison's accuser Karen Monahan: 'I'm not here to be anyone's pawn'

“Once he put his hands on me, I knew I could no longer live under that roof.”

Paul and Jordana
October 25, 2018 - 6:49 pm

Jared Goyette, WCCO Radio


Karen Monahan, the woman accusing Congressman Keith Ellison of emotional and physical abuse said that she'll share the video she says she took of the alleged incident on her "own time." 

"I've said it before, if and when I decided to do it, it's going to be on my own time. It's going to be something that I choose to do because I feel that it's the right thing to do. It won't be because, you know, one side saying, release it, release it, and stick it to him," she told WCCO Radio's Jordana Green. "You know,  I'm not here to be anyone's pawn. I'm here to simply share my story. This story impacts women regardless of political party, color of your skin." 

Monahan claims she has a video confirming the only time she suffered physical abuse from Ellison. Her attorney Andy Parker, who was also in the interview, said he has not seen the video. She says the abuse happened in August of 2016.

“Once he put his hands on me, I knew I could no longer live under that roof,” said Monahan.

Ellison, who is running for Minnesota's Attorney General seat has denied the allegations. He's facing Republican Candidate Doug Wardlow, who is a former employee of Parker.

Green asked why this accusation is coming out while Ellison makes a run for the AG position.

“Would it ever have been a good time,” said Monahan. “There’s never a good time for a survivor to come out and share her story.”

Monahan continued, saying that people would have argued that her timing was bad if she had come forward earlier, or during the general election.  

"It takes so much courage to face your fear, to be able to put your story out there, your vulnerabilities, your privacy, something that you had to really grapple with, the shame,  knowing—because you've seen it happen in the past—that people in your own community, your own party, would totally turn their back on you." 

WCCO Radio reached out to Congressman Ellison's spokesperson but did not receive a reply. 

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