Sen. Amy Klobuchar's dad, Jim, diagnosed with coronavirus

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June 19, 2020 - 12:04 pm

Senator Amy Klobuchar said Friday that her 92-year-old father has COVID-19.

This comes after Klobuchar’s husband Jim Bessler was hospitalized in March for coronavirus.

“For me, it really hits home,” said Klobuchar, meeting with reporters in north Minneapolis hours after she asked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to take her name out of consideration as his running mate.

Jim Klobuchar was a long-time columnist for the Star Tribune newspaper and authored several books.

Jim Klobuchar
Getty Images/Star Tribune via Getty Images/Contributor

Senator Klobuchar said her father has been staying in an assisted living facility, and, so far, he is doing well.

After meeting with reporters Friday morning, the senator said she would visit her father through the window of his room.

“Any of you that remember him in his days as a reporter, he’s a pretty vigorous person,” she said. “There are people in their 90’s who have survived this.”

Assisted living facilities have seen large outbreaks of the virus in Minnesota and elsewhere.

According to Friday’s update from the state health department, 1,077 of Minnesota’s fatal coronavirus cases are patients who were in long-term care or assisted living facilities.


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