Lola on the Lake damaged in early morning fire

Tin roof collapsed; officials believe lightning the cause

Sloane Martin
May 16, 2019 - 7:06 am

A big fire on Calhoun Parkway in Minneapolis on the shores of Bde Maka Ska badly damages the only restaurant on the lake.

Lola on the Lake in the 3000 block of East Lake Calhoun Parkway just opened earlier this month for its second season and is perhaps one of the most visible buildings on the entire lake. Prior to last year, it was known as Tin Fish.
Minneapolis fire chief John Fruetel says neighbors called it in at around 4 a.m. Thursday.

"The residents that called it in indicated and our arson investigators talked to some residents in the area, and they heard kind of a loud boom, and it was right in the middle of the storm," he said. "Our arson investigator is assuming, which is dangerous, but he's assuming it's been caused by lightning, but it's still under investigation."

The heaviest damage is to the roof which looked melted over the top. There was also charred debris around the structure, which is located right next to kayak rentals and sail boats. 

"It's a metal roof and that was pretty much caving in almost upon our arrival," he said. "Tin folds up pretty quickly under heat."

The flames were knocked down in about 15 minutes and there were no reports of injuries. Flames were so strong when firefighters arrived, they operated defensively, knowing that with the doors locked up and the time of night, no one was inside and no other people or buildings were threatened.

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