Long lines at MSP Airport not due to shutdown

The problem is the TSA at MSP is down some 40 positions.

Edgar Linares
January 18, 2019 - 7:54 pm

Edgar Linares


If you think the long lines at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport’s security check are due to the government shutdown, think again and get used to it.

“We’ll see this for the next couple of months off and on as spring breaks start to gear up, and snowbirds are going to be heading down to warm places,” said Patrick Hogan spokesman for MSP.

The TSA reports on Thursday MSP had the second longest time in the nation to get through security with a 36-minute wait. The Atlanta International Airport, considered the busiest in the nation, took first place with a 47-minute wait time, earlier that week in had a 90-minute wait.

Hogan said MSP’s wait times are not connected to the government shutdown.

“My understanding from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) locally is that we’re not seeing that problem here,” said Hogan. “They’re indicating that people are continuing to come to work, they’re continuing to do their jobs.”

Hogan said the problem is the TSA at MSP is down some 40 positions.

“The last few months the TSA has been operating very leanly. They’ve had some difficulty recruiting new employees in this really strong economy,” said Hogan.

On Saturday, the TSA is holding a “fast-track” hiring event to fill those 40 positions. The event is being held at the TSA Administrative Offices in Bloomington located at 2001 Killebrew Dr. #400 from 8 am to 2 pm. The starting wages are between $16.71 to $18.38 and hour.

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