LRT service stopped at MSP after man flees police into tunnel

Police: Man left stolen car at airport parking ramp

Adam Carter
December 05, 2018 - 11:51 am

A man is in custody after he ran from police into Terminal 1 of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and then into the light rail tunnel today, forcing stoppage of Blue Line service temporarily.

According to a spokesman for the airport, police were notified of a stolen vehicle that had entered the airport property. Officers found the vehicle in a parking ramp. The suspect left the vehicle, and entered the airport through a loading dock in Terminal One. He eventually got into Concourse C, and then made his was into the light rail tunnel.

He was finally arrested near the entrance to the Light Rail tunnel at Terminal 2. Airport service was not disrupted, and Blue Line service has resumed through the airport stops.

The name of the suspect is not yet known.  Charges are pending.


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