Lynx star Maya Moore responds to NFL Quarterback Drew Brees’ recent comments

WCCO Radio Newsroom
June 05, 2020 - 10:18 am

    Maya Moore, 2014 WNBA MVP and former star guard for the Minnesota Lynx, appeared on ESPN’s Outside the Lines to respond to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees’ recent comments about the widespread civil unrest.

    “You know as painful as all of this is, this is a great thing, what took place,” Moore said. “It's hard because we want to be on the same page, we want to be unified, we want to see each other and validate each other. But you don't know what you don't know sometimes.”

    Moore believes that Brees’ apology for his comments demonstrates that he is starting to see how people perceive the American flag and national anthem differently.

    Moore acknowledged that she doesn’t want to see anyone disrespect something that stands for honor, like the American flag, but said that not everyone sees the same symbols in the American flag or the national anthem. 

    “For centuries in this country black people were seen as three-fifths of a person,” Moore said, “So when you hear the national anthem or you see an American flag as an African American person who has experienced the effects of that dehumanizing existence, it's not gonna mean the same thing.”

    Moore stepped away from her position with the Minnesota Lynx two seasons ago to focus on the case of Jonathan Irons, a man she believed was wrongly convicted and sentenced to prison. Moore began the social action campaign “Win With Justice,” and, with the help of this campaign, got the state of Missouri to overturn Irons’ conviction, for which he spent more than two decades in prison.  


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