Market Bar-B-Que announces new Northeast Minneapolis location

After 72 years downtown, it's going to 220 Lowry Ave. NE

Sloane Martin
June 12, 2018 - 2:04 pm

Market Bar-B-Que made its new home official Tuesday.

The well-known, third-generation restaurant is moving to 220 Lowry Ave. NE, which means leaving downtown Minneapolis after 72 years.

“We think that the move to Northeast will reinvigorate the business and that’s something that has to be done generationally,” co-owner Steve Polski said.

The abandoned liquor store on the lot that they now own is 112 years old and needs a lot of renovation work. Market Bar-B-Que is leaving 1414 Nicollet Ave. S in September, where it’s been located since 1987. Polski says they're hoping to open at the new place in November once it’s remodeled.

Market Bar-B-Que and nearby restaurants Ryan’s Pub, Asian Taste and Salsa a la Salsa all learned in March that they would lose their locations to make room for a new apartment building. Ryan's Pub has since closed, the owners of Salsa told City Pages they would like to return to the spot post-development (there are plans for restaurant and retail at street level), while Asian Taste as yet to announce its plans. 

The new neighborhood has been generation attention recently. Near Market Bar-B-Que’s new location is Crepe & Spoon, Jax Café and Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room.

“It’s always exciting opening up a new place, getting to know new customers,” Polski said. “We have such a following. We have four generations of customers and I would 99.9 percent of people that we have told, that have come in, have said, ‘oh, what a great area to move to and we will definitely follow you.’”

The recognizable sign and wood pit are coming along in the move. Polski did have to go in front of the Minneapolis Planning Commission but said the city has been accommodating in making sure the landmark sign stays.