Marwin Gonzalez is living up to his billing with the Twins

Play-by-play voice Cory Provus talks about the super-utility-man's flourishing.

Dan Cook
August 19, 2019 - 10:01 pm
Minnesota Twins

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Marwin Gonzalez may have gotten off to a slow start with the Twins this season, but he’s been on fire as of late. Twins play-by-play voice Cory Provus joined Chad Hartman to reflect on the super-utility man’s journey this season.

“He joined us for a postgame chat the other day in Arlington and we reflected back on his slow start,” Provus said, “and he also mentioned the weather. He just said he does not like playing in the cold weather. Now he signed a 2 yer deal knowing it was going to be probably pretty brutal in April and into May. And I think it began around mid-May, mid to late May is when he started to get hot. And then was doing fine before he got hurt. Then he had that brief stint on the injured list. When that happened, if you look at his numbers they were pretty good. And then I think it took him a little bit to get his timing back, and now he is flourishing.”

Cory pointed out that due to Gonzalez’s rare skill set, some advanced metrics fail to provide a complete picture.

“And for him, you know I like some of these advanced numbers too,” said Provus, “And I think Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is a good barometer to judge true player’s value. Because it encompasses everything, Chad. It’s offense, it’s defense, it’s league and park-adjusted. But with a guy like Marwin Gonzalez, his WAR is always a little tricky because he doesn’t play just one position. And defense is a part of it. So it’s always going to be knocked down a little bit because he just can’t thrive defensively and that part of the formula, he won’t get a big boost because he doesn’t sit at one defensive position night in and night out.”

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So what is Gonzalez’s best defensive position?

“He’s pretty good in the outfield,” Provus said, “I think he got has an amazing arm. I really have been during this elongated absence here without Buxton watching him play right field. I think he’s been phenomenal there in right. Teams don’t want to run on him because he has such a strong and accurate arm. Not to mention he can make some plays. I think to me where he’s stood out the most - and maybe this is because of need - has been right field. Now if you ask him, he’s either an infielder or a shortstop. That’s everybody’s favorite, right? I don’t think anybody will ever say that shortstop’s not their favorite. But I think he’s fine at third. But I’ve really been impressed watching him defend in right.”

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