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Carter, Frey, and lots of flying snowballs

Mayors and staffers square off in the snow

February 25, 2019 - 6:17 am

It began as a challenge from St. Paul that was accepted by Minneapolis.

It ended with snowballs flying on cold and windy arena separated by a blue-tinged bank of snow, and it's unclear if anybody won.

But, boy, did they have a lot of fun.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey assembled teams for the snowball fight, which had rules such as no hitting above the chest.

Another important rule: No one gets hurt.

And no one did, with at least one combatant (from Minneapolis) using a clear-plastic police shield to ward off the chilly missiles on snow-swept McMurray Field in St. Paul.

"St. Paul has home-snow advantage, so visiting team gets the call, that would be Minneapolis," said Frey before calling "heads" during the coin toss.

Minneapolis team ready for snowball fight
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey leads his snowball team

The coin came up heads, which didn't matter because both teams came up slinging when Lt. Gov. Peggy Flannagan ended the count-down to the match.

"My goal is to be to pick up a lot of snow, and hurl it as fast as humanly possible," said Carter.

Carter and his snowball team
Mayor Melvin Carter and his snowball team

There were two other snowball fights, one for kids, and another for bigger kids.

Winners and losers? Not a chance. It was all for fun, a goal reaches by all sides.

The snow is flying

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