Minneapolis Police union head Bob Kroll defends sex crimes investigators after Star Tribune investigation

"There's probably a different side to many of these stories."

The Chad Hartman Show
July 24, 2018 - 4:57 pm

Jared Goyette, WCCO Radio

The president of the Minneapolis Police Federation is defending sex crimes investigators in light of the Star Tribune's report.  

The reports review more than 1,000 rape cases investigated by 20 law enforcement agencies in Minnesota, and identified glaring insufficiencies in the way many agencies handle sexual assault investigations at every stage of the process.

Lieutenant Bob Kroll says there are many reasons cases don't get solved — including high standards set forth by prosecutors.  

"The bar is set real high with the county attorneys office," Kroll told WCCO's Chad Hartman Tuesday. "You need to show force or coercion. Many of the sex crime ones get convoluted because there's alcohol involved or there is some sort of relationship there."

Kroll also suggests the reporters for the Star Tribune were picking and choosing which cases to use to fit their narrative.  

"Obviously there's a sampling taken, (the reporters) delved into some cases.  It's unfortunate in sex crimes cases, the department can't go into detail into why these cases didn't go through.  All I can say is there's probably a different side to many of these stories."

Kroll says sex crimes investigators with Minneapolis Police do everything in their power to put offenders behind bars.

Listen to that part of their interview here: 

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