Minneapolis Police Union set to defy Mayor Frey on training issue

Mayor, MPD leadership at odds over "warrior training"

Susie Jones
April 24, 2019 - 5:04 pm



Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey wants to prohibit "warrior training" for police officers, but union leaders say they will do the training on their own.

A law enforcement training organization is offering free training to members of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis which includes members of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Organizers say their decision to provide the training, which they say consists of a wide variety of law enforcement topics including officer survival, leadership, fitness, de-escalation and emergency vehicle operations, came following the decision by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to ban all forms of ‘Warrior’ training for Minneapolis officers both on duty and during their personal time.

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They say the training valued at $55,000 each year will provide each Minneapolis police officer relevant training each day of the week via an exclusive phone application and private website. 

Director of Training for Law Officer, Travis Yates says that “it is both an honor and privilege to provide the heroes of the Minneapolis Police Department daily training that can ensure they will return home each day to their family regardless of the dangers that they may face and the ignorance of some politicians.”

Lt. Bob Kroll, the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, thanked Law Officer for providing the training and for defying the demands of Mayor Frey.

“Law Officer brings our officers state of the art warrior training that we are proud to embrace and while it seems that the lives of our officers are not important to politicians, they certainly are by Law Officer and we are grateful for this partnership,” Kroll said.

He has also defended the training on WCCO Radio.

Frey released a statement in response Wednesday: “We have adopted this new policy because proper training on use of force and de-escalation is of paramount importance. Officers found to pursue any training that conflicts with MPD’s training and has not been preapproved will be subject to discipline."

MPD spokesman John Elder also released a statement: “The new training policy was enacted to ensure that officers only receive training on use of force and deescalation that is consistent with the carefully developed training provided by the Minneapolis Police Department. The policy just requires pre-approval for external trainings on these topics to make sure there is not a conflict. The MPD encourages and supports training for its staff that encompasses officer and community safety based on procedurally just methodology."

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