Minnesota’s AG is suing Comcast Cable for alleged overcharing and more

Comcast: We fully discloses all charges, fees and promotional requirements.

Edgar Linares
December 21, 2018 - 4:11 pm

By Entercom


Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson is going after Comcast-Xfinity for allegedly charging customers more than they promised; charging for unordered products and for not delivering promised promotional prepaid visa cards.

Swanson said when it comes to charging more than promised she said the cable company would hook customers with so-called promotional pricing”. 

“Where they [Comcast] will say for 12 months or 24 months for cable television this is the price you’re going to be charged period. The company then charges people the monthly base price, which is the price it quotes to them, but in fact people end up paying more than that price because the company ads an array of undisclosed fees,” described Swanson. 

Swanson said some of the fees would increase a customer’s bill up to 30 percent. She said some of the fees are invented by Comcast to make their cable service cost look lower to customers. 

Some of the fees included in the lawsuit are the $10 per month "Broadcast TV Fee” and the $8 per month "Regional Sports Fee”. She said the fees have increased 550 percent to 700 percent since 2015. The Attorney General said the company creates these fees and their not required by government regulators. 

The lawsuit also said Comcast charged some customers for services or equipment they did not order or declined to purchase. In addition, other customers who were promised prepaid Visa cards up to $200 for signing up, where never delivered.

“It’s hard to shop for cable services if the company is playing hid the ball on fees,” said Swanson. 

Comcast is defending itself against the lawsuit telling the Associated Press the allegations brought against them have no facts to support the lawsuit.

Comcast spokesperson Jill Hornbacher said Comcast fully discloses all charges, fees and promotional requirements. 

Hornbacher said she would like nothing more than to work collaboratively with the Attorney General's office to address the complaints and said Swanson's office has largely ignored the company's efforts to do so.

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