Minnesota's new deer management plan addresses more than hunting

July 24, 2018 - 2:57 pm

Two years of public input later, the Minnesota DNR is out with its first-ever deer management plan...

DNR Wildlife Population Program Manager Leslie McInenly says one of the issues raised in hunter surveys was finding a way to cultivate more mature bucks.

"One of the challenges that we have--and we note it in the plan--is that people haven't really supported tools that would help us achieve the goal of more mature bucks on the landscape. For example, the implementation of antler point restrictions is fairly controversial," says McInenly.

DNR Assistant Commissioner Sarah Strommen says the plan goes well beyond the hunting aspect of Minnesota's white-tail population.

"People tend to focus on our deer population management and the hunting season because we have a process for helping people get involved in that. But people were looking for a little bit more information on how we make decisions around deer management and how they can play a role in that," says Strommen. 

The 50-page plan addresses everything from chronic wasting disease and habitat management, to protecting farm crops and native plants from deer damage. It's available to the public on the DNR's website.


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