Minnesota lawmakers expected to hear more about a new report on the troubled MNLARS system

Concerns raised about inconsistencies

Susie Jones
September 26, 2018 - 8:21 am


A steering committee is meeting in St Paul on Wednesday to go over the findings of a new state report that found some drivers in Minnesota were overcharged for vehicle licensing transactions because of the troubled licensing and registration system."Some of them were very small and some of them were very sizable," said Judy Randall, the deputy legislative auditor. "And what we learned is that there are a lot of reasons why these transactions were inaccurate."

Randall, appearing on WCCO Radio's Midday Show, said one reason was that the law requires registration tabs to be based on a complicated idea of base value.

"The system is very complicated. We do it in a unique way, " said State Senator Scott Dibble. "The system is not designed to kick out that number automatically," he said, referring license tabs for new vehicles. "It's a number that is given to us by the dealer."

MNLARS was rolled out in July of 2017, "Probably the biggest frustration at the beginning was how long it was taking for titles processed and delivered to customers," Dibble told WCCO's Adam Carter.

Dibble said there were more people undercharged than overcharged.  He said the report indicates some owners of similar vehicles were charged different tax amounts.