Minnesota Orchestra's Common Chords takes residency in North Minneapolis

First time the program goes to a metro community

Sloane Martin
January 18, 2019 - 12:06 pm

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The Minnesota Orchestra is bringing its music to north Minneapolis.

Two dozen events including a singalong, barbershop performance, and concert at North High School featuring the Steeles is part of the Orchestra's Common Chords program. This is the first week-long residency in the metro after stops in six Greater Minnesota cities.

Beth Kellar-Long, vice president of orchestra administration, says some of the goals are to immerse the Orchestra in a community to share music.

"Focus on northside artists," she said. "One (goal) was to enhance youth music programs int he area. Another was to support local businesses."

They're also hosting a community meal with Music Director Osmo Vänskä. From the location to the performance program, it's a unique experience for the musicians.

"It is very different and it's stretching people -- although I have to say, especially after our Cuba and South African tours which have been a little out of the box and have required people to some things that aren't what they would normally do as part of their job -- I think people are excited and intrigues and excited to connect with people in our community."

Gwen Pappas, director of communications for the Minnesota Orchestra, says whether it's a rural area, or right in the metro, Common Chords helps bring live music to different settings, like schools, North Commons Recreation Center, NorthPoint Health and Wellness and more, and means bringing art to more people.

"Even though we're based in Minneapolis and have been here for over 100 years, there are probably people in this city that don't feel that it's their orchestra, don't feel the Orchestra Hall is a space where they would naturally go," Pappas said. "Common Chords north Minneapolis is a way to build a bridge."

It gets underway Monday and runs through next Sunday. Here's more information.

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