Minnesota Republicans weigh-in on Kavanagh/Blasey Ford at Trump rally

Republican Woman: “I’m sure there was an incident it’s clear to me from her testimony."

Edgar Linares
October 04, 2018 - 10:55 pm

By Edgar Linares


A capacity crowd of more than 10,000 forced Trump supporters and protesters outside the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota Thursday evening. They watched the president deliver his speech on a big screen with many boos and cheers mixed together.

“Protesters don’t bug me one iota!” said Teresa Jensen, 59, from Central Wisconsin, a Trump voter.

She traveled with her 19-year-old niece to the rally who is not a Trump supporter.

“I’m her to spend time with her and to be here and see what this is like. I’ve never been to a rally before,” said Brandi Hilderbrandt.

The topic of discussion for protesters and supporters standing in line and on corners was Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme court and the sexual assault allegations brought against him by Christine Blasey Ford, a former classmate.

“It’s such an emotional time to have him come with everything that’s been going on with the Kavanaugh hearings,” said Pernell Meier, a protester from Rochester. “It’s really hard to have him in our town I think because of what he stands for.”

This was President Trump’s first rally since he mocked Blasey Ford’s testimony in Southaven, Mississippi last Tuesday. The President imitated Ford during her testimony, mocking her for not knowing the answers to questions during the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I had one beer!” said the President during the rally holding up his index finger. The mocking bothered some Trump supporters at the Rochester rally.

“It’s not helpful, that’s for sure. But I think that’s who he is,” said Ray Yates at the rally. “I think there are things he shouldn’t be saying, obviously. But I look at more of what he does than what he says.”

Yates’ wife Jodi, was not surprised hearing what the President did. “You kind of knew what you were getting when you voted for him. He wasn’t going to change, although I’ve noticed he’s not tweeting as much lately,” said Jodi Yates.

Overwhelmingly, Republican women attending Thursday’s rally believe something happened to Blasey Ford, but it’s not clear.

“I just wish it would’ve been handled differently. I feel bad for her, I feel bad for Kavanaugh,” said Jodi Yates. “She obviously was traumatized by something. And I just feel like if they could’ve handled it more discreetly it would’ve been much better for everyone.”

Heidi Palmer a Trump supporter from Owatonna feels Kavanaugh was falsely accused and dragged through the mud, at the same time she feels bad for Blasey Ford.

“I’m sure there was an incident it’s clear to me from her testimony,” said Palmer. “She’s really not clear on when it happened. I think that’s a big step to take to point a finger when you’re not even sure.”

Other Trump supporters think the accusations are a democratic ploy to stop Trump’s agenda.