Minnesota sets midterm election record

2,611,365, or more than 64 percent of eligible voters, turned out Nov. 6

Sloane Martin
November 28, 2018 - 6:53 am
Early voting center


It's official. The Minnesota Secretary of State's Office says Minnesota is No. 1 in the U.S. for voter participation for the second election in a row.

With the numbers all tallied, Secretary of State Steve Simon says 2,611,365 voters turned out for the midterms Nov. 6, an all-time Minnesota record for a mid-term representing 64.25 percent of all eligible voters.

Minnesota was the focus of several high-profile races that drew massive funding and attention nationally. In the 2016 presidential election in which Minnesota also led the country, 2,968,281 people voted, or 74.72 percent of eligible voters; in 2014 50.51 percent of eligible voters participated, or 1,992,566 total.

Simon says that while the result is encouraging, more needs to be done to make sure every Minnesotan feels empowered to vote and has easy access to do so.

“Though we continue to lead the nation in participation, there is still much more we need to do to make democracy meaningful and accessible for everyone," he said in a statement. "We can and will do more to encourage participation by young people, communities of color, new Americans, rural communities, military service members, voters with disabilities, and citizens of all kinds who are disillusioned or disgusted with politics. Our freedom depends on it.

The next highest state was Colorado, which Minnesota beat by more than a full percentage point.