Minnesota State Fair officials say "no" to adding days to the event

"You know, at this time it really isn't possible."

Susie Jones
September 05, 2018 - 12:31 pm

A record-breaking number of people attended the Minnesota State Fair this year, more than two million, with very large crowds milling about the fairgrounds.

Fair organizers have worked to try to spread out the masses by improving the North End of the fairgrounds and encouraging people to attend during the week.

But what about adding days to the fair?

"You know, at this time it really isn't possible," Danielle Dullinger, a spokesperson for the Minnesota State Fair told WCCO's Blois Olson. "We are part of an intricate web of fairs and expositions across the country, so our vendors, our ride operators, the exhibitors are all part of this web, and they travel from all different events."

There's also the matter of the 87 county fairs that take place leading up to the State Fair.

"In order for us to have a strong 4H program at the Minnesota State Fair, we need to let those county fairs finish up and allow the 4H'ers to win their trip to the Minnesota State Fair."

Dullinger said it takes vendors and others almost the entire month of August to set up, and extending the fair past Labor Day doesn't work either, "Because of the end of summer schedules, you know school starts. We would lose a lot of our workforce if we extended past Labor Day."

She said there's no available land to buy surrounding the fairgrounds, so again, they are encouraging people to avoid crowds by going during the week and spending time in less used parts of the grounds.









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