Minnesota USPS: Mail packages by Friday December 14

USPS: Between Thanksgiving and NYE nearly 16 billion letters and packages will be processed.

Edgar Linares
December 12, 2018 - 7:30 pm

By Edgar Linares


The United States Postal Service (USPS) says next Monday, December 17, will be their busiest day for mailing, with more than 8 million customers expected,  on an average day only 5 million customers use the post office.

The Postal Service says this year more than 900 million packages will go out before Christmas.

“Six years ago in 2012 we delivered 375 million. In six years we’ve almost tripled the number of packages delivered during the Christmas period,” said Roy Reynolds the Senior Plant Manager in the Northland District.

Reynolds said the increase comes from online retailers. He said if you're looking to ensure your package will arrive before Christmas via USPS Retail Ground mail it by Friday, December 14.

“If you’re sending it by First-Class or Priority you need to send those by December 20,” said Reynolds.

In addition, Priority Mail Express needs to be sent by December 22 to arrive by Christmas.

The Postal Service estimates between Thanksgiving and New Year’s nearly 16 billion letters and packages will be processed this season.

By Edgar Linares