Two Haute Mamas: Prince played football

Friends tell amazing stories on anniversary of singer’s death

Sheletta Brundidge
April 21, 2019 - 9:11 pm

By Edgar Linares

On the latest episode of the Two Haute Mamas Podcast, hosts Sheletta Brundidge and Lindy Vincent remember the life of Prince on the third anniversary of his death.

The legendary singer and musician was found on April 21, 2016 at his Paisley Park home unresponsive by authorities.

He was 57 years old when he died of a reported accidental opioid overdose.

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Friends and loved ones are using this time of reflection to tell amazing stories about Prince that many people have never heard before.

City Pages news editor Mike Mullen says not only was Prince an amazing singer, but he was also a great athlete.

During his days at Central High School, Mullen tells the story of how Prince beat out former Star Tribune columnist John Tevlin for the role of wide receiver on the varsity football team.

It wasn't long before Prince stopped playing football and dropped out of school to become a singer.

At the time, Tevlin told friends, "What a loser! He's quitting the football team to play music!"

Tevlin later admitted his assumption was wrong and that Prince ultimately made the right decision.

Mullen and fellow editor Emily Cassel talk about that and how Prince will be missed as a mentor to young artists in the music industry.

The two say once, Prince flew Pulitzer Prize winning rapper Kendrick Lamar from LA to the Twin Cities to record a new song.

The duet never happened because Prince spent so much time talking to Lamar about avoiding pitfalls in the music industry, the two never made it into the studio.

To hear more of these stories about Prince's life, click on the link below and begin listening about mid-way through the podcast.

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