Minnesota's Ice dam season has arrived

“Roofs are not waterproof, they’re designed to shed water."

Edgar Linares
February 11, 2019 - 8:02 pm

By Edgar Linares in Minneapolis


Our mix of snow and cold weather is the perfect beginning of a troubling ice dam season, according to experts.

“What makes an ice dam is a lot of snow and really cold temperatures, that’s the formula,” said Mike Hilborn with Roof to Deck.

Hilborn and his crew uses a hot pressure steamer that spits out water at 200-degrees. He said the ice dam season really began this week with our recent streak of snowfalls and it’s only going to get worse with the coming storms.

By Edgar Linares in Minneapolis

An ice dam blocks melting snow from getting to a rain gutter, causing water to puddle on roofs. You can tell you have an ice dam from icicle build up.

By Edgar Linares in Minneapolis

“Roofs are not waterproof, they’re designed to shed water, once that happens it starts seeping through the roof, through the ceiling, electrical outlets and things like that,” said Hilborn.

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Hilborn said the water can cause a ceiling to collapse, floors to buckle and walls to warp. To remove the dam crews cut off chunks of ice every twelve inches in width and clear out the gutters to allow melting snow to flow once again. Hilborn said they travel all over the U.S. helping people with ice dams.

“You’ll get out to Boston, you’ll see people on the roof literally with sledge hammers, whacking it, standing on the roof with a sledge hammer,” described Hilborn. “This was in Minnesota. We had a woman get up on her roof with a chainsaw. Can you imagine being on an icy roof with a chainsaw?”

January and February are typically the months when ice dams can form, but a widespread ice dam problem really hasn’t hit Minnesota since 2014, but that could change this year.

“We are kind of due,” said Hilborn.

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