Noor goes to court


Judge rules in favor of Noor in pretrial evidence hearing

Ex-cop pleads not guilty in Hennepin County courtroom

March 01, 2019 - 5:39 am

Exactly one month from Mohammad Noor’s trial, a Hennepin county district judge heard motions Friday on evidence that can be used.

Over the half hour hearing, Judge Kathleen Quintance ruled that the former MPD officer’s pre-trial silence cannot be used against him.

She also will not allow prosecutors to admit his prior acts such as the time he pulled a gun during a routine traffic stop, or to use his psychological evaluation upon joining the department. 

Quaintance did say, however, that the rulings could be modified if Noor decides to take the stand in his own defense.

Neither he nor his lawyers spoke after the hearing and it’s unknown if he will testify.

Also at the hearing Noor, through his attorneys, pleaded not guilty to all counts. The defense is claiming self defense and reasonable use of force. 

People attending had to turn in all electronic devices and go through two security checkpoints.

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Hennepin County district judge Kathleen Quinstance has already ruled against a request to have cameras and audio recording devices in the court room during the trial. 

In a pretrial hearing last month, Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman asked the judge to include a 911 made two hours before Damond was killed.  

That call was about an elderly woman who was lost, but also who was never found.

Prosecutors say that shows a disregard for public safety by Noor and his partner.  

Damond later called police about a possible assault happening near the home where she was living.

When Damond left the house and approached an MPD squad car, Noor fired from the passenger's seat through the driver's side door, fatally wounding the woman.

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