Monday morning headaches at MSP

Security checkpoints causing frustrations

WCCO Radio Newsroom
August 19, 2019 - 6:48 am



Newly started construction at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport created some headaches Monday morning.

According to MSP, all TSA PreCheck and CLEAR PreCheck passengers will use the South security checkpoint. All other passengers, including standard, First Class/Sky Priority and CLEAR Standard passengers will use the North Checkpoint only. The changes are due to part of the one-point-six billion dollar renovation that's taking place at the airport.

Airport spokesman John Welbes didn't expect any delays with the changes.

"Once we get people to the correct checkpoint your experience should be the same," Welbes said. "There shouldn't be any backups."

He added that they aren't reducing security.

"We're not reducing the capacity of the checkpoints or closing anything," he added. "We're just reconfiguring the lanes."

The checkpoint restriction will be in place through mid-December.  Terminal Two, the Humphrey Terminal, is not affected.

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