Monkey see... at the Science Museum

Simian remains found in Dayton's renovation going on display

Al Schoch
May 11, 2018 - 7:24 am

Courtesy of the Old Minneapolis Facebook page.


Wanna see a monkey? 

You know, what was left of a monkey that crews found while renovating the old Dayton's building in downtown Minneapolis.

The Science Museum of Minnesota plans to diplay the mummified remains in the lobby of its St. Paul facility. 

Because the display will be in the lobby, it won't cost anything to walk in off Kellogg Avenue and get a look-see.

The remains were discovered last month in the air ducts of what used to be the flagship store for the Dayton's chain. 

Governor Mark Dayton, of the Dayton family, recalled working at the store in the 1960s when one of the floors was transformed into a rainforest display, complete with live monkeys and birds.


"They had these monkey, and then they had these chirping birds," said Dayton. "Somebody didn't figure out that the monkeys were carnivores. The next day, they had netting up to seperate the birds from the monkeys, and they said one monkey got out and went into the air duct." 

That monkey was never seen alive again.

It's believed the carcass that was found is likely the same monkey that disappeared.  

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