MPD Union President says Spanish “Know Your Rights” flyer is “simply insane”

“If someone is here illegally, that’s the key they are here illegally."

Edgar Linares
October 10, 2018 - 5:07 pm

by Susie Jones


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said it's an important step to show compassion to those who have contributed to the city.

“Right now cities have to step up and do what our federal administration and congress won’t do,” said Mayor Frey on Wednesday. “That’s why we’re installing placards in MPD squad cars in both English and Spanish detailing a persons rights, as far as they relate to ICE.”

The placards are titled “Notice Of Rights” and go on to say “Regarding immigration if you are taken to jail.” They then say “You do not have to answer questions about: Where you were born; Your immigration status; Whether you are a Citizen.” It says, “you can choose to say nothing; you can choose to not speak to immigration officials; do not give false information.”  Finally, it says “any information you offer at the jail may be shared with immigration officials.”

Courtesy City of Minneapolis

Frey said Police Chief Medaria Arradondo supports adding the placards, and he’s talked to other officers who share his enthusiasm. However, the head of the Minneapolis Police Federation does not share that sentiment.

“This just handcuffs the police more,” said Lt. Bob Kroll. “If someone is here illegally, that’s the key they are here illegally, what can’t people understand about that? And to not allow police to enforce what is the law, we need to change.”

Kroll said he believes “illegal immigrants” have no rights under the U.S. judicial system and this placards are “all too typical of the lunatic left”. He went on to say the placards are “simply insane” and added he was “thankful we were less than four weeks from the election and can possibly begin to restore the safety of our citizens with help at the state level.” He was referring to Republican candidate for governor, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson who doesn’t support “sanctuary” for immigrants.

Lt. Kroll was asked if he believes enforcing immigration laws should be the job of local law enforcement.

“We all work together,” said Lt. Kroll. “You’ve got the armed forces, you’ve got border patrol, you’ve got federal agencies, you’ve got state agencies and you’ve got local agencies. And the job of all of them is combat crime. And being here illegally is committing a crime.”

Kroll said even though he disagrees with the placards in squad cars the union is going to comply with the directive.