Minneapolis Police third precinct overtaken, on fire

WCCO Radio Newsroom
May 28, 2020 - 11:06 pm
Minneapolis Police 3rd precinct

Minneapolis Police Department


Minneapolis Police's third precinct building has been overtaken by protesters and set on fire. 

The third precinct has been a targeted building since the beginning of the George Floyd protests. The precinct's parking lot was breached on Tuesday night, the first night of the protests. Many police cars were destroyed in the process. Police tried to build a barrier to keep protesters out, but decided to give up the building on Thursday night. 

Protesters are taking to the streets in an effort to find justice for George Floyd, who was killed during an arrest by a Minneapolis Police officer on Monday night. The officer used a knee to neck maneuver to the already hand-cuffed Floyd for more than seven minutes. Thursday marks day three of the protests that have already included looting and setting fire to many areas in south Minneapolis and St.Paul. 

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