Muslim teens say man pulled a gun on them at Eden Prairie McDonald’s

“Yo! He has a gun!” yells out one of the teens.

Edgar Linares
November 20, 2018 - 4:49 pm

Eden Prairie Police are investigating what lead a man to pull out a handgun on a group of Muslim teens at a McDonald's.

Officers went to the McDonald’s at 598 Prairie Center Drive on Monday evening at 8:01 pm after a caller reported a large group of people causing a disturbance and said one of the individuals displayed a gun before leaving the restaurant.

Videos posted to Twitter by one of the teens on scene shows the white male arguing with the group of black teens.

“Don’t touch me!” said the man in one of two videos.

“Nobody touched you!” said at least of the teens to the man.

A 45-second video posted on Twitter shows the man backing out of the restaurant as a few teens take steps towards him. He then pulls out an object that appears to be a handgun and points it at the group.

“Yo! He has a gun!” yells out one of the teens.

Some of teens quickly walkway, seconds later a McDonald’s employee can be seen yelling at the group.

“I want everyone out of the store now!” said a McDonald’s employee.

“He has a gun!” said one the teens.

“I don’t give a f***, get out of my store now!” said the McDonald’s employee.

Another man who witnessed the incident then comes to the defense of the teens saying.

“Eh, eh, don’t send them out there when a dude just pulled a f***ing gun on them,” said the patron. The man then tells the employee to call the police.

Witnesses say a verbal altercation occurred between a man and a juvenile male that escalated. A statement from Eden Prairie Police says they’re investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine if a crime was committed.